Erika Smith Iluszko Yoga classes Vienna

Yoga Classes

Where and how does the practice of yoga begin? Should we always begin on the physical level? 
I would say that where we begin depends on our personal interest. There are many ways to practicing yoga, and gradually the interest in one path will lead to another. There are no prescriptions regarding where and how our practice should begin. Books or yoga classes often give the impression that there are prerequisites for the study of yoga. We may be told that we should not smoke or that we should be vegetarians. Such ways of behaviours are admirable only if they originate within us - and they may as a result of yoga - but not if imposed from outside.
With yoga we begin where we are and how we are, and whatever happens, happens. When we begin studying yoga – whether by way of asana, pranayam, meditation or studying the Yoga Sutra – the way in which we learn is the same.
The more we progress, the more we become aware of the holistic nature of our being, realizing that we made of body, breath, mind and more. 
Each practice session is a journey.
Practice and all is coming!

Join me in this journey of light and self-transformation.

 I teach English yoga classes at Manas Yoga right at the heart of the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.

Restorative Yoga

In this class, you will learn a wide range of restorative practices that reflect the full scope of its healing tools. This restorative yoga class is a radical act of self-care and a declaration that your health and well-being matter more than your To-Do list. In this practice you will experience firsthand that rest is a productive and necessary part of everyday living. This empowering practice will help you access the innate ability of your body to restore itself from stress.

Erika Smith Iluszko Restorative Yoga Vienna

Yin Yoga

In this classes, we’ll concentrate on both forms (our bodies and tissues) and formlessness (our breath, energy channels and mind states).
These interconnected aspects of reality are in constant interplay, they are the Yin and Yang of life. In yin yoga, we develop and balance these polar complementarities within our body and mind experiences. For most, beginning with which that is tangible, the body (Yang), is a common doorway into the practice. As we become less distracted and healthier physically, most become interested in that which is hidden, the Yin aspects of reality, which relates with that which is subtle.

Erika Smith Iluszko Yin Yoga Vienna

Breath and Flow Class

Based on Master Iyengar's path to holistic health, this class focuses on integrating the mental and the physical plane, bringing about a sense of inner and outer balance (=alignment). Here you'll practice different pranayam (breathing) techniques and  slow, gentle flowing movements, opening the path to physical and emotional well-being and stress reduction.

Erika Smith Iluszko Breath and Flow Class

Basic Yoga

This yoga practice is perfect for beginners but also for those looking for a slow and mindful back to basics class. In this class you will build a solid foundation of your yoga practice. Here you will learn to incorporate the subtle tools of yoga in your practice, without which yoga becomes nothing more than an expression of physical movements. These elements are the breath, bandha, vinyasa and drishti.

Erika Smith Iluszko Basic Yoga

Gentle Flow 

Tap into your natural source of energy, no caffeine required. Wake up your body, focus your mind, and take on each day with intention. In this yoga class, you’ll find a match to your morning vibe. The flows will warm you up for movement throughout the day by relieving tension in your muscles, welcoming in energy, and opening up your entire body. By holding space to practice at the start of the day, you’ll increase your physical and mental stamina — all while building a consistent daily morning practice.

In this class, you will: 
- Feel the benefits of a morning yoga routine 
- Start your day with energy, focus, and intention 
- Establish a healthy sleep cycle 

Erika Smith Iluszko Gentle Flow

Meridian Yin Yoga

A synthesis of the Yogic model of body-mind-breath, the Daoist principle which sees the body a continuous system of pathways that integrates and connects the intelligence of the whole body, and new the findings about the fasciae and its anatomy, this Meridian Yin Yoga Class offers a wide range of practices that address every dimension of human body to help you return to salutogenesis.


Erika Smith Ilusko Meridian Yin Yoga

Vinyasa Flow

Test your limits with challenging flows, inversions, twists, and heart & hip openers in this 75-minute class designed to help you break through old habits. You’ll open your body and exercise your mind with a series of unique transitions and creative postures. You'll leave this class with  a stronger, cleansed body and calmer, less reactive mind.

Erika Smith Iluszko Vinyasa Flow

Private Class

Have you ever felt lost in a group yoga class? Do you feel the like the environment in a full studio actually worsens your anxiety? You might be completely new to yoga or perhaps you simply don’t like to practice yoga in large groups.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to start a regular movement routine in the comforts of your chosen space, I will customize your yoga class to ensure you get the most out of your practice. Whether you want to learn more about postural alignment specific for your body, or looking for pain relief or how you can use your breath to reduce anxiety, or to have a relaxing and rejuvenating time we will go at your pace without having to worry about anybody else.

Erika Smth Iluszko Private Class