Erika Smith Iluszko Private Class Vienna, Austria

Private Class

Like many, you may have to manage a highly busy schedule. Although you may have the intention of getting to a yoga class, it can seem nearly impossible to squeeze in the extra time to travel to a yoga studio at an inconvenient time to satisfy your need for yoga.
Practicing at a time and place that is more convenient for you would certainly be ideal. You’d be able to coordinate times and locations that are more compatible with your already busy personal schedule.
During private yoga classes, you and I can have a dialogue about what you’d like to achieve in your private lesson. Together we will create a plan that is tailored fit to your needs.
We'll break down each posture, discuss how to safely practice them, talk about their benefits, then have you mimic and repeat the positions and movements.
After your final pose, we have an opportunity to talk about how you are feeling after your yoga lesson and modify the plan if needed. You get to ask questions and make observations. Lastly, I will give you some “homework;” some postures or sequences that you can work on during the week to continue your practice.

Private yoga lessons might be appropriate if you:

  • Are uncomfortable in group classes
  • Want to break through obstacles in your practice
  • Need therapeutic attention
  • Are getting started with yoga, especially if classes seem overwhelming or intimidating
  • Are focusing on personal goals
  • Want to create a personalized schedule
  • Feel that your practice has plateaued 
  • Have had an injury or have health concerns
  • Keep encountering the same blocks or problems