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Hi, I'm Erika...

I'm a yoga student and  English yoga teacher based here in Vienna, Austria. I see yoga as a spiritual practice with a physical component. The simple choices that I do everyday inspire my practice rather than the other way around. How I interact with others and kinds of words I choose, the music I listen to, the things I choose to consume, where and how I spend money, giving to the needy, staying true to my words, respecting my teachers and the elders are based on my practice of non-violence, impermanence and non-reactivity. This practice of mine is still growing. Some days are easy and the mind is calm and the physical body is light and responsive. Some days the mind is running wild and the body feels like a sack of sand. Either way, I try to breathe deeply and remain detached. For me, yoga is a place of refuge and a soothing balm for the stresses of the modern life. Within each practice, I try to find ways to refine my existing understanding so that I continue to grow. 

Erika Smith Iluszko Yoga Classes Vienna


I offer an array of different English yoga classes in Vienna. Classes that cover the more subtle, cooler and calming yin type yoga like Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and Meridian Yin Yoga to the more dynamic, energizing, and warming yang type of yoga like Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Flow, Basic Yoga and Breath and Flow classes.

Visit RE:TREAT Vienna and practice in person or via live-streaming.

Erika Smith Iluszko Yoga Vienna



Yoga has been a part of my life for a very long time, and I feel the call every day to practice, to learn and to share, to teach and so be able to serve you is a kind of a dharmic dream come true. I feel very fulfilled as I share this tool of light and transformation with people from different walks of life. Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga Teacher Apprenticeship, Cupping Therapy are services that can truly change the life of the people I encounter and myself – first our day-to-day lives and eventually the course of our lives entirely.   

Erika Smith Iluszko Yoga Theraphy

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