Erika Smith Iluszko Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreats

The fundamental biology of the human species is that we are social animals
and could never survive without deeply connected and interdependent human contact.
Quality social connections, shared experiences, meaningful conversations,
pro-social contacts, mindfulness, physical health and longevity, and nourishing food are what I offer in these yoga retreats. Elements that allow for physical, emotional, mental and, spiritual well-being, homeostasis, vitality, and health.
Becoming aware of the holistic nature of our being and realizing that we are made of
body, breath, mind, community, and more.
This for me, is Yoga.
This is why I offer Yoga Retreats.

Yoga & Dive Retreat

Amuni Ini Resort & Spa Bohol, Philippines

February 3 - 16, 2025